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, Facebook

Man I immediately felt the difference, I could literally feel the shock of the hit go back up the racket rather than up my arm. Great Invention Great Results.

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Shock Blocker vs TRX & Kettlebell…Shock Blocker=Winning!
*Can’t wait for 2nd one to arrive!

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I like it because it not only helps relieve the pain in my elbow, ( I have golfers elbow and I don’t even golf) it changes the reflected angle to where the tension is in the elbow is reflected, and allows the aching tendon to heal. I don’t wear it all the time, but when I find the arm starting to hurt, I start wearing it more and it really helps. In the past I had steroid injections that didn’t work.

The shock blocker also acts a a constant reminder that I need to watch how use my hand so that I don’t aggravate it.

I had also used arm bands in the past that didn’t always work and were more uncomfortable to wear.

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Hello — I wanted to let you know that I am really enjoying my Shock Blockers!

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Was having golf/ softball elbow for 10 months,tried braces,rubs advil. Nothing really helped, and I wasn’t going to stop playing sports(softball 4days and golf 2 days a week). Seemed like a lot of money for a rubber ring but after 3 weeks I’m almost back to normal I have to say it worked for me.

, Jensen Beach, Fl.

The thing works. I have been in the gym for many years and have had one elbow tendon surgically re-attached, and usually have some level of pain Since wearing the shock blocker I have had no pain in either elbow, I am really somewhat at a loss to explain how the process works but I wear it whenever I lift.

, Twitter

Played tennis again with the Shock Blocker last week. It significantly helps my tennis elbow. Thanks again to folks at @ThatBlueRing!

, Broken Arrow, OK

The Shock Blocker enables me to keep playing golf. I have “golfers elbow” with tendonitis to the inner tendon of my elbow. I DO recommend this to anyone with tendonitis of the elbow.

, FL

“When I first began to use the Shock Blocker I was very skeptical because the idea was so simple I didn’t think it could work. After a few days I began to feel relief and my elbow pain went away. I could not believe how effective this device was! I recommend it to anyone that is experiencing elbow discomfort.”

, FL

“The Shock blocker helped me immediately with my elbow pain. I developed tennis elbow and it was painful to try to play tennis. Thanks to this product I was able to play in leagues and continue to play socially as well. The Shock Blocker is very easy to use and it does not interfere with my grip. I recommend this product to anyone who is serious about getting rid of elbow pain.”

, Member of the IBEW (International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers)

“For more than forty years I have been employed as a union lineman (International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers), working in all kinds of jobs and weather conditions, and all over the USA.

Several years ago I developed tendonitis in both my elbows on the inside and outside. The doctors told me it was tennis and golfer’s elbow. I struggled to find help for the severe pain since it made it very difficult to hold my tools especially when I was up 150 feet in the air working on power lines.

I tried physical therapy three days a week for five months. I tried cortisone injections, T.E.N.S. electrical therapy and all sorts of different bands and braces. You name it and I tried it.

All of these treatments worked briefly but always, two to four weeks later, the same problem returned.

I was trying to continue to work to earn my full retirement but the pain was getting to be terrible.

One day, about two years ago, on a regular visit to my rheumatologist, he asked me how my elbows were doing. I told him the truth. He then gave me prototypes of the Shock Blocker ring and showed me how to use them. I don’t think the ring even had a name back then.

In a matter of days I could use all my tools without any elbow pain. The problem was gone! I was able to go back to work and was able to work enough to be able to retire.

To this day I am pain-free when I use tools, as long as I continue to use the Shock Blocker. I like to build and fix things even though I am retired; I still use tools all the time. The Shock Blocker helped me to be able to retire back then. Now it helps me to enjoy my retirement.”

“I am a 16 year old high school senior. I have played tennis most of my life. I enjoyed it and was successful. When I was twelve years old I was ranked in the top ten by the Florida USTA. After reaching that top tier, I noticed that my elbow began to hurt. I would ice it every chance I got, even when I was changing sides of the court every two games. My ranking started to slide. I just could not play tennis without a lot of pain. It affected my game. I kept thinking about the pain rather than the ball. I took off time from tennis, but that did not help. I was considering stopping playing tennis altogether, a very depressing thought.

Soon after, when playing some practice sets with Dr. Greenberg, he looked at my elbow and told me that I had tennis elbow. He then pulled out a device he called the Shock Blocker. He told me how to use it. Within a few days my pain totally disappeared!

I not only was able to keep playing tennis but I progressed to become the number one player on my high school tennis team, considered to be one of the best teams in the state. I now look forward to playing tennis for my future college and I am told that I have a good shot at a tennis scholarship.

Since that time I always wear my Shock Blocker when I play tennis. And I always will!”

, Amazon Verified Purchase

Purchased this in attempt to cut back on pain playing golf. Really absorbs the shock like it says and works with elbow brace on arm.

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