What causes Tennis Elbow?

When you strike a tennis ball with your racquet, the impact starts a shock wave that conducts along the muscles that connect your hand to your elbow joint. These repetitive shock waves cause tiny micro tears to develop in the tendons that attach to the outer part of your elbow. Ultimately these micro tears lead to degeneration and chronic pain.

How does Shock Blocker work to treat and prevent Tennis Elbow?

Shock Blocker is the first and only product on the market that attacks Tennis Elbow at its source, shock waves that begin in your hand. Shock Blocker does this in two ways: 1) Because it is made of Sorbothane®, an extremely shock absorbent material, Shock Blocker is able to absorb up to 97% of the shock wave before it ever has a chance to begin its journey up your arm to where it can do its damage to your elbow tendon. 2) The Shock Blocker is designed to slightly raise your finger away from the racquet thereby reducing the tension in your tendon. We call this Tendon Tension Reduction (TTR). By making the tendon less ‘taut’, Shock Blocker is able to prevent any shock wave that gets past the ring from conducting up your arm.

It is this winning combination that makes Shock Blocker the most effective device ever made for the treatment of pain due to Tennis Elbow.

What are the benefits of using the Shock Blocker?

Those of you who know that you get elbow pain every time you engage in your Fitness or Leisure activity for a few weeks or months can use Shock Blocker before the pain begins and prevent the problem from interfering with your enjoyment of the activity you love. Because it virtually eliminates the shock wave caused by the activity, most people already suffering with the elbow pain will be able to resume or continue playing as their elbow heals. Playing without pain will allow you to get back to your normal schedule and enjoyment of the activity you love.

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