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Finger is 1.823 in. circumfrence
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About Shock Blocker

What is It?

Elbow pain. Vanished.

Shock Blocker is a ring that relieves the pain caused by tennis elbow. While worn on your finger when you perform repetitive tasks, the Shock Blocker reduces the shock to your tendons that cause tennis elbow to arise. This also gives you the ability to heal while you're still performing as usual.

What makes it unique?

Just keep playing.

Unlike other treatments like elbow braces and sleeves, the Shock Blocker is barely noticeable because it doesn't restrict or interrupt your natural movement. It also prevents pain longer than any other solution, and is the only method shown effective for long term pain management.

How does it work?

Amazing resilience.

It's made of a special polymer called Sorbothane® that absorbs shock and holds its shape under stress producing what's called Tendon Tension Reduction (TTR). This eliminates shock waves from harsh impacts such as hammering nails and hitting golf balls so they never reach your elbow.

Is it proven?

You bet.

In a recent study, over 100 tennis players nationwide were instructed to play with and without using a Shock Blocker. All of these players had ongoing tennis elbow pain and had tried other methods. While using the Shock Blocker 83% said it "met or exceeded" their expectations for pain reduction.

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Lay affected arm on a table, palm up. While touching painful area of inner or outer elbow with one hand, move each finger up and down. Wear Shock Blocker on each finger that triggers increased elbow pain. If pain is present at the inner and outer elbow, repeat process for the other side of the elbow.

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example Shock Blocker ring sizing

Download the sizing guide and print at 100%.


Cut the Ring Sizer around the dotted edge and wrap it snug around your chosen finger. The arrow will point to the right size. If you're between sizes and prefer a more snug or loose fit, feel free to size up or down in either direction. If in doubt, a bit larger size is a safe choice since you may wear athletic tape under your Shock Blocker if necessary.

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