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How Painting is Hurting Your Elbow Joints

As painters, we tend to underestimate the amount of pressure that repitive arm movements cause on our bodies. Elbows are very important joints, and they are used frequently throughout the day even when we’re not painting. Believe it or not, painting is actually a major culprit for conditions like tendinitis. Once that pain develops, ignoring it is just about impossible. So how should painters prevent elbow pain, and how can we alleviate it once it has developed?

If you really think about it, it’s easy to see how elbow pain can develop from painting. You have to move paint brushes and other instruments back and forth for long periods of time. You may also have to lift heavy bucket and move around bulky ladders. All of these activities put strain on the joints in your body, and the elbows are no exception. It’s one thing if you only paint every once in a while. If you do it every day as a part of your job, you’re going to have to make a conscious effort to stop the pain.

A few ways to alleviate elbow pain from painting and to keep it from occurring include:

  • Take a Vacation

    Are you due for a vacation? If you have vacation time saved up that you can use, now may be the time. By just giving your body a break, you may be able to achieve the pain relief that you need. That’s not to say that the pain won’t come flaring back up after you go back to work. You will still need to take other steps to keep that from happening or to manage the pain if does occur.

  • Be Careful about Repetitive Motions

    Painting is, by its very nature, a repetitive thing. You have to move your hands and arms back and forth over and over to paint a wall or ceiling, for instance. When doing so, pay attention to how you move your arms and wrists. Do not twist them. Take regular breaks to let them rest. During those breaks, stretch your arms and body too. These little breaks can make a significant difference when it comes to avoiding elbow pain from painting.

  • Seek Medical Advice

    You might have to bite the bullet and see a doctor if the pain won’t subside. Be wary of any doctor who immediately suggests surgery, though. You shouldn’t have to go through an invasive procedure to get relief.

Effective elbow relief while you keep painting

Before making a doctor’s appointment, try using the Shock Blocker for a while. It’s just a small ring that can be worn on any finger. It’s made out of a special material that absorbs shockwaves. Normally, activities like using a paintbrush and sanding put all kinds of strain on your elbows. This simple device blocks damaging shockwaves to keep them from getting to your elbows. In this way, you can keep working at full speed, so you can continue to be as productive as ever.

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