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Elbow Pain – Why is My Elbow Hurting?

If you’re baffled about why your elbow is hurting, you’re not alone. Thousands of people experience elbow pain every year, and many of them are unable to figure out the cause. The only way to do so is to go to the doctor. In the meantime, it may be helpful to learn about the most common causes of elbow pain. By studying up on the topic, you may actually stumble upon something that makes sense. Consider these possible causes to see if they’re to blame for your painful elbow.

  • Tennis Elbow or Golf Elbow – Frequently engaging in activities that involve repetitive motions can trigger elbow pain. When they pain is caused by injuries to the tendons near your elbow, it’s called golf elbow or tennis elbow. Tennis and golf aren’t the only possible culprits. Things like weightlifting, racquetball, gardening and machine operation can prompt these conditions too. Think about the kinds of activities you engage in regularly. Do any of them involve grasping objects and moving them around? This type of injury is especially common with activities that involve grasping objects between your thumb and first two fingers.
  • Sprain – While golf elbow and tennis elbow are forms of tendinitis, which means that they involve injury to the tendons, a sprain involves an injury to a ligament. It is usually caused by over-stretching a ligament, which can even cause a tear. It is very painful, but it’s usually obvious what caused it.
  • Tumor – Don’t worry; it’s very rare for tumors to develop in the bones of the arm or elbow. If your doctor is unable to find another reason for your elbow pain, though, he might do a scan to see if one is present. Chances are that there’s no tumor, however, so you can probably cross this one off your list.
  • Bursitis – If the bursae, or fluid-filled sacs, near your elbow become inflamed or swollen, you will develop a condition called elbow bursitis. These sacs aren’t supposed to expand, so it can be very painful. They are designed to prevent friction. When they are inflamed, they can’t do that very well. Bursitis can happen wherever there are bursae in the body.
  • Arthritis – This is an especially likely possibility if you are a senior citizen, but rheumatoid arthritis may also be to blame and can strike at nearly any age. At any rate, arthritis is the painful inflammation of the joints. The elbow is a joint, of course, so arthritis can strike there. There are many treatments for most types of arthritis, so it pays to have it properly diagnosed as soon as possible.
  • Ulnar Nerve Entrapment – You know that unpleasant sensation when you hit your “funny bone?” Well, it’s not caused by hitting a bone but by jostling the ulnar nerve. If the nerve gets pinched or compressed, it is considered to be “entrapped.” At that point, you have ulnar nerve entrapment, and you need to see a doctor.

Now that you’re educated about the most common causes of elbow pain, you’d probably like to know how to treat it. There are plenty of options, but the most exciting one is quite new. It’s called the Shock Blocker, and it works by absorbing shock waves and by relaxing your tendon which prevents the wave from traveling up your arm to your elbow. It’s just a simple ring that you wear on your finger that’s made out of some of the most shock-absorbent material on earth. You’ll be amazed by how well it works.

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