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Elbow Hurts from Weight Lifting? How to Manage and Treat Your Pain

No one will deny the benefits of working out with weights. When combined with regular cardio exercise, weight lifting can help you get into the best shape of your life. It’s normal to feel some soreness from time to time when you’re first getting started, but it can also happen to those in good shape. What about elbow pain, though? Is it normal if your elbow hurts from weight lifting?

Any type of joint pain that develops from weight lifting can put a screeching halt to your progress. Weight lifters often end up with painful elbows because of the stress that they inflict on these important joints. Whether you just started strength training or have been at it for years, elbow pain is no laughing matter. If it doesn’t subside within a few days, you could be dealing with chronic elbow pain, and professional intervention may be necessary. In the meantime, there are a few things you can do to manage your pain and to possibly even eliminate it:

  • Figure out what’s causing the pain – It could be that one particular type of exercise or a specific machine is to blame for your elbow pain. Use a process of elimination to try to narrow things down. If you’re able to identify the cause, stop including it in your routine to see if that helps. If so, you might just have to forego that particular exercise until your elbow is back to normal.
  • Avoid Arm Isolation Exercises – Until your elbow feels better, you might want to stick with full-body workouts instead. This means you should probably put a temporary stop to things like shoulder flies and bicep curls. Swap them out for activities like pull-ups and pushups instead.
  • Ditch the Dumbbells – For now, you should probably avoid putting too much stress onto the elbow in question. Therefore, dumbbells may not be the best option right now. By using barbells instead, you can more evenly distribute the weight. This will put less strain on your elbow, which will allow it to heal over time. You might need to use less weight and focus on doing more reps until the problem subsides.

A great way to enhance all of these efforts is by giving the Shock Blocker a try. It’s a simple ring that relaxes the tendons in your arm to keep the shock waves created by your arm movement from injuring the elbows. One Shock Blocker may be enough, or you might want to wear several of them if you’re a heavy lifter. Because it prevents the shock-waves from reaching your elbow while doing lifts and pulls, it prevents that repetitive trauma to your elbow and allows it to get stronger and heal. You’d probably like to keep going full force with your weight-lifting workouts, and the Shock Blocker has been proven to get you back to powerful reps quickly. Click here to check it out.

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