*In most cases, a single Shock Blocker will work effectively. However, should elbow pain be triggered by more than one finger, as above, wear one ring on each of those fingers. Also, users with above-average physical strength should stack two Shock Blockers on affected finger or fingers.

The Shock Blocker has been designed to alleviate elbow pain caused by Tennis or Golfer’s elbow and it should be used in accordance with the instructions inside the Shock Blocker packaging. The information contained in these instructions should not be construed as medical advice. There are many other causes of elbow pain that will not improve and may worsen with continued activity even when using this product. If any local discomfort, swelling or redness occurs on the hand with use of the Shock Blocker, its use should be discontinued and you should seek the advice of a medical professional.  In no event shall TendonEase®, LLC or any of its members, employees, affiliates, agents or representatives be liable for any loss, liability or damage incurred, directly or indirectly, by any person, from the use or misuse of Shock Blocker. The liability of the foregoing persons shall be limited solely to the price paid by the customer for the Shock Blocker or to the replacement of the product.  

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