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How Can Playing Golf Cause Elbow Pain?

Few people give golf the credit it deserves as a high-impact sport, so it’s strange to learn that this seemingly gentle sport can cause serious pain and significant injuries. Many things can happen out on the golf course, but the repetitive nature of swinging that club can trigger major pain in the elbows. In fact, tendinitis in the elbows is sometimes diagnosed as golfer’s elbow, which is otherwise known as medial epicondylitis. Whether you’ve officially been diagnosed with this condition or suspect you may have it, you’re not going to want to give up your favorite sport.

How Golf is Causing Your Elbow Pain and How to Prevent It

Most forms of tendinitis are caused by repetitive motions. When you think about it, you swing golf clubs again and again as you make your way through the course. It should come as no surprise, then, that elbow pain is often the result. Fortunately, you don’t have to put up with it. You certainly don’t have to give up the game for good, either. By understanding how golf can cause elbow pain and how to prevent it, you should be able to continue enjoying it for many years to come. Before you do any of that, though, you’re going to need to manage or eliminate your pain. A few tips include:

  • Work on Your Stance and Posture – All too often, golfers use the wrong stance and have poor posture while playing. Some people can get away with this, but others pay for it in the form of issues like elbow pain. It’s sometimes difficult to realize that you have poor posture or a bad stance, so have a professional watch you play and give you pointers. Making a few basic changes can make a world of difference.
  • Switch to Different Clubs – You may have excellent posture and a good stance, but your clubs may not be right for you. There’s a reason that there are so many types of clubs out there: What works for one person may not work for the next. It’s well worth it to hire someone to help you choose the best clubs.
  • Work on Your Swing – As a golfer, you probably already spend a lot of time working on your swing. Your top goal is to make it as effective as possible, but you might want to focus more on doing it safely. It’s not worth it to use a swing that gets results if it is causing damage to your body.

Getting Rid of Existing Elbow Pain from Golf

The previous tips will go a long way to prevent the pain you’re getting from that golf stroke. However, you may be wondering how to get rid of the nagging pain once it’s already there? The best way to alleviate it quickly is by using the Shock Blocker, which is a simple ring that can be worn on any finger. It’s been proven to reduce the shock of repetitive motion injuries like those you get from golf. Though you can expect it to work the first time, you can benefit yourself even more by trying them on more than one finger at a time. Because the Shock Blocker reduces the shock of your golf swing, your elbow is able to heal more quickly while you’re still able to play. Besides being extremely effective, the Shock Blocker doesn’t restrict your range of motion like arm braces, and most people start experiencing relief almost immediately. Click here to learn more about how the Shock Blocker can help you with golfer’s elbow.

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