Businessman elbow pain

What’s the Easiest Way to Treat Elbow Pain?

After browsing around the Internet for a while, you may be feeling a little disheartened about finding an effective treatment for your elbow pain. Braces are uncomfortable and awkward, and splints aren’t effective at all. You can always take over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medications like ibuprofen, but… read more

Elbow hurting

Elbow Pain – Why is My Elbow Hurting?

If you’re baffled about why your elbow is hurting, you’re not alone. Thousands of people experience elbow pain every year, and many of them are unable to figure out the cause. The only way to do so is to go to the doctor. In the… read more

Tennis elbow splints

Tennis Elbow Splints – Do They Work?

Tennis elbow is a form of tendonitis that is specific to a tendon that runs on the outside of the elbow. The technical term for it is lateral epicondylitis, and it can be very painful. As the name suggests, it is something that is often… read more

Elbow splints

Elbow Splints – Do They Work?

There are more products designed to treat and manage elbow pain than ever. If you’ve been experiencing soreness or pain in your elbow, you’ve probably already looked around at some of the options. One thing that may sound like a logical treatment is an elbow… read more

Tennis elbow bands

Tennis Elbow Bands – Do They Work?

Tennis elbow can be extremely painful. If you suffer from it, you’re probably willing to buy just about anything to alleviate the pain and soreness. One of your first instincts may be to buy a tennis elbow band. There are dozens of models on the… read more

Elbow braces

Elbow Braces – How Effective Are They?

If you’ve been ordered to wear an elbow brace due to pain or soreness in your elbow, you might assume that it’s the best available option. Indeed, braces are often the first things that doctors recommend when patients are coping with elbow injuries and related… read more

Tennis Elbow Braces – Do They Work?

There are many ways to treat tennis elbow. The first thing most doctors recommend is immobilizing the elbow. By doing so, you allow it to rest so that the underlying injury can heal. Tennis elbow is tendonitis of the elbow, which means that the tendon… read more

elbow bursitis

Elbow Bursitis – Best Treatments

No one wants to live in pain. When pain in the elbow develops, it’s difficult or even impossible to ignore. One of the most common causes of elbow pain is a condition called elbow bursitis. Bursitis is a condition that can affect joints around the… read more

sore elbow

Sore Elbow – Possible Causes of Sore Elbow

Soreness in the elbow is impossible to ignore. As with most of the other joints in your body, your elbow gets used frequently. When pain or soreness occurs in the elbow, your first instinct is probably to wait and see if it goes away on… read more

Elbow Tendonitis – Best Treatments

If you’ve been experiencing pain in your elbow, elbow tendonitis may be to blame. The condition, which is often referred to as tennis elbow or golf elbow, can be excruciatingly painful. Because you use your elbow a lot throughout the day, it’s nearly impossible to… read more