Finding the Right Treatment For Tennis Elbow Pain

A revolutionary approach works where traditional treatments fail About 10 million Americans at any one time are afflicted with elbow pain that most of us call “Tennis Elbow” or “Golfer’s Elbow.” Sure, it sounds cool to say you have an athletic injury and many cases… read more

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Why Do Carpenters Sometimes Develop Elbow Pain?

Elbow pain is a fairly common complaint among carpenters. If you work in carpentry, you know how much stress it can put on your body. That’s largely due to the repetitive nature of the work. You have to move a saw back and forth a… read more

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How Painting is Hurting Your Elbow Joints

As painters, we tend to underestimate the amount of pressure that repitive arm movements cause on our bodies. Elbows are very important joints, and they are used frequently throughout the day even when we’re not painting. Believe it or not, painting is actually a major… read more


Why do Plumbers Sometimes Get Elbow Pain?

If you’re a plumber or occasionally do plumbing work around the house, you know how much repetitive movements figure into the equation. Wrenches and other tools are constantly used to tighten and loosen screws and bolts. To make matters worse, you are usually forced to… read more

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How Mountain Climbers Can Deal With Elbow Pain

Whether you’re an experienced climber or have only been doing it for a short while, you may run into trouble when pain develops in your elbows. It makes sense for this to happen if you fall or otherwise injure yourself. You can easily trace the… read more

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How Can Playing Golf Cause Elbow Pain?

Few people give golf the credit it deserves as a high-impact sport, so it’s strange to learn that this seemingly gentle sport can cause serious pain and significant injuries. Many things can happen out on the golf course, but the repetitive nature of swinging that… read more