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Is Bench Pressing Causing Your Elbow Pain?

As a weightlifter, nothing is more disappointing than developing chronic pain and realizing that it’s being caused by the activity you love. When you first started lifting weights, you probably never would have guessed that you’d end up with elbow pain. It seems highly implausible, but the fact is that it makes sense. Elbows are joints, and any activity that puts extra strain on the joints can hurt them. That’s especially true about repetitive activities, and bench pressing certainly qualifies.

You already know how important it is to be safe and careful while lifting weights. Bench pressing is a great way to develop incredible muscles, but it’s easy to make a wrong move and end up injured. Sometimes, it’s not so obvious that bench pressing is to blame for your pain. That’s the case with elbow pain, which often develops slowly. It’s not like you are bench pressing and suddenly feel excruciating pain in your elbows. It’s much more gradual. If you’re certain that the pain is due to bench pressing, there are ways to keep it from happening. A few great tips include:

  • Lay Off Bench Pressing for a While

    This is the toughest pill to swallow, and you may not be willing to even consider it. However, it could be that you will just need to take a break from bench pressing for a little while. This is the more surefire way to give your elbows the rest they need so they can heal. Even if you just stop for a week or two, you could emerge on the other side with less pain or no pain at all.

  • Use Proper Form

    If you’ve never had a personal trainer help you achieve the right form while bench pressing, now’s the time to do so. Simply positioning your body, arms and hands properly can ward off all kinds of problems, and elbow pain is one of them. There’s a very good chance that you’re making a simple mistake that’s causing your pain.

  • Warm Up before Working Out

    Some people scoff at the idea of warming up before a workout, but the truth is that it can prevent injuries. You just need to warm up for a minute or two. A few simple stretches might even do the trick. With a minimal amount of effort, you may be able to ward off elbow pain from bench pressing.

For Ongoing Elbow Pain, the Shock Blocker Can Help

In the event that you already have ongoing elbow pain, the Shock Blocker is something you should consider. It’s a simple ring that’s made out of a special, shock-absorbing material. Unlike many other aids that are designed to help with elbow pain, the Shock Blocker won’t get between you and an effective workout. You can keep pushing yourself to the limit while bench pressing. In fact, no one at the gym will even realize you’re using it. It should fit comfortably beneath weightlifting gloves too, so there’s no need to change your routine at all.

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