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The Shock Blocker ring conquers elbow pain better than any sleeve or brace, and you’ll barely notice you’re wearing it.

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What is the Shock Blocker?

A ring worn on your finger to reduce elbow tendon tension, and the last device you will ever wear for elbow pain.

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Get Fast Pain Relief

The Shock Blocker quickly relieves pain from Tennis Elbow, Golfer’s Elbow, Repetitive Stress Injury, and Cumulative Trauma Disorders.

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Prevent Re-injury

Because the Shock Blocker is barely noticeable once you’ve put it on, you can comfortably wear it for protection whenever you are in action.

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Stay Active

Unlike elbow braces and wraps, the Shock Blocker doesn’t restrict your elbow movement or require constant adjustment to stay in place.

Who is it For?

Shock Blocker is used to treat pain caused by tennis elbow. Surprisingly, most tennis elbow isn’t caused by tennis. You can benefit from the Blue Ring if you fit the following:

How to Use It

You’ll be back in action within minutes.

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    Find The Right Finger

    Lay affected arm on a table, palm up. While touching painful area of inner or outer elbow with one hand, move each finger up and down. Wear Shock Blocker on each finger that triggers increased elbow pain. If pain is present at the inner and outer elbow, repeat process for the other side of the elbow.

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    Slip It On

    Slip the Shock Blocker ring onto your affected finger (or fingers) with the rounded smooth part touching the skin between your fingers. The ring should allow some degree of rotation without affecting its function. If it’s too loose, try wrapping athletic tape around the finger before slipping it on or, try a smaller Shock Blocker.

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    You’re Done, Get Active!

    Once you’ve got the Shock Blocker on comfortably, feel free to resume your usual activities, even the ones that caused the pain in the first place. If one Shock Blocker doesn’t provide enough pain relief (more possible with the physically strong), wear another one! Using two rings increases effectiveness.

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    Use Risk-FREE ! Work or Play without Pain!

How it Works

Proven and patented science, backed by nationwide testing and thousands of success stories from our customers.

Shock Absorption

While being worn on your finger, Shock Blocker absorbs shock caused by impact to your hand. The reduced vibration prevents small-tears in your tendons that would normally occur. This enables it to relieve pain while you’re injured, and prevent injury from occurring when you aren’t.

Advanced Cushioning

Shock Blocker is constructed from Sorbothane®, the world’s most advanced cushioning and shock absorbing material with a 97.4% shock absorption rate. Sorbothane® has been licensed for use by major sports equipment manufacturers, the U.S. Military, and even NASA.

Tendon Tension Reduction

The memory stable Sorbothane® material facilitates tendon tension reduction (TTR) which results in reduced conduction of damaging shockwaves to the point of pain – the elbow. This happens without the need for constant adjustment like straps, sleeves, and braces.

Compound Effectiveness

Activities with a heavy impact, like competitive sports or hammering nails tend to produce more stress on your tendons than repetitive stress injuries such as painting. For this reason, Shock Blocker is engineered to improve its effectiveness when wearing more than one at a time.

Thousands of People Wear Shock Blocker Every Day

Hands down, Shock Blocker is the best way to treat tennis elbow pain, and we’re not afraid to say it. But don’t take our word for it, listen to some of our loving customers.

“Played tennis again with the Shock Blocker last week. It significantly helps my tennis elbow. Thanks again to folks at @ThatBlueRing!”

Ande Parks, Twitter

And yes, there’s plenty more Shock Blocker praise where that came from.

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